3in1 non-radiometric 336 Inspire 1

DRONExpert is proudly presenting the Inspire 1 thermal setup with dual camera setup, which allows you to have simultaneously daylight and thermal view. The 3in1 non-radiometric thermal gimbal does not have the radiometric features so will be without the 'Automatic hotspot detection', temperature measurement and afterwards data analysing with FLIR tools. If these features are required within your application we recommend the radiometric setups.
The package comes complete including DJI Inspire 1, which is ready to fly when you receive it. Do you already have an DJI Phantom 4, Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Matrice 100, Matrice 200 or Matrice 600? Then please check our 'Do it yourself installation'  packages, for complete package which can be installed on your own UAV.
The thermal setup is provided with an VUE PRO 336 version. The resolution of the 336 is sufficient for applications when medium to large objects needs to be spotted. In case of spotting on far distance, or small objects we recommend to check the thermal packages with 640 resolution.


FLIR LCD touch controller:

With the included LCD touch controller you have full (max. 1000 meter) control over the FLIR camera/gimbal. You are able to remotely control the: Tilt, Palettes,  Relatherm, Color settings, Start/Stop recording, App mode, Digital zoom and settings.
The control is separately from the DJI RGB camera, so both cameras can be controlled separately. It is designed for use of 1 pilot or 2 pilots. It is also possible to add additional LCD receivers for extra thermal supervision.


Military grade Professional flightcase (airtight and waterproof) with integrated charging system +1499 euro
Tripod with build in charging hub for LCD and controller +369 euro
Handheld (to use thermal gimbal also as handheld) +199 euro
10 meter carbon fibre photo pole (to use thermal gimbal also on photo pole) + 1299


  • with the included LCD FLIR touch control unit, you are able to remotely control color settings, tilt, palettes, shutter, start/stop recording, digital zoom, relatherm etc.

  • the 3in1 thermal setup also can be used on the optional handheld and 10 meter carbon fibre photo pole.

  • the thermal gimbal is interchangeable with other UAV models. The 3in1 thermal gimbal can be installed on Phantom 4, Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Matrice 100, Matrice 200 series & Matrice 600

  • 'future ready', if you buy an upgraded new UAV in the future than it is good to know that you can re-install the thermal gimbal also to this new model UAV. This is possible due it's standalone function.

  • with waypoints you are able to control or plan automatic flights for the aircraft. Through its clear, concise interface, complex flight missions can be planned with a few taps. A Virtual Fence feature increases safety and ease of use by locking the aircraft’s height and speed within a designated area. With these features, the app dramatically increases the efficiency of various industrial applications, including but not limited to, aerial imaging, architecture, precision agriculture, electrical inspections, search and rescue, safety control, and more.

  • with this setup you have daylight and thermal video feedback simultaneously. The dual camera setup has proven to be very effective, the thermal camera for detection and RGB for orientation and recognition.

What's including the package.

  • DJI Inspire 1
    including accessories
  • 3in1 non-radiometric thermal gimbal
    with mounting adapters for quick release and mounting
  • FLIR controller (non-radiometric)
    this controller is used to remotely control the color settings, tilt, palettes, digital zoom, shutter, start/stop recording etc.
  • FLIR VUE PRO 336
    non-radiometric version, including storage module
  • DJI FC350 X3 4K camera (daylight)
    installed onto the UAV
  • 7″ thermal LCD
    with build in receiver for live thermal streaming video
  • Connection material
    adapters, cables and connecters
Product details
Euro's 6250
In stock IN STOCK
Delivery time 2-4 weeks
Product specifications
Product type RTF (Ready to fly)
Applications Other
Flight time BETWEEN 17 AND 20 MINUTES