Importand Note: In this installation guide you also find the installation of the 7th channel feature. The newest Phantom 2 Vision+ V3 already has the 7th channel feature so you can skip this installation. This means that for the Phantom 2 Vision+ V3 you don’t need to open the shell (and DJI controller).

Installation video Quickrelease


Installation video for Zenmuse sleeve:


7th channel slider/lever installation:
White DJI version: Click here
Black carbon version: Click here


Optional installation of the ‘compass extender’ for Vision+ V2 (too make sure the compass will not be influenced)


Installation guide for the RX100 mount


How to lock the mount with the ‘lockers’ (only for RX100 mount)

Operation manual:

Operation manual for the Quickrelease can be found here

If you experiencing problems with the installation or operation of the Quickrelease you can use our online troubleshooter: here

Quickrelease firmware update:
Instructions and firmware update can be found here