Installation of the dronexpert Vision gimbal is split in 2:
1. The installation of the Gimbal itself (which is very easy and also you no need to open the Phantom). After this easy installation the Gimbal will work properly and you will have full functionality with iPhone/Android app as you use to.
2. The installation of the additional feature ‘7th channel’. After this installation, you can use all function’s the Dronexpert gimbal provides. Now you not only can use the iPhone app, but also the 7th channel under you phantom controller. Which allows you to make very nice video’s!

1. Installing the gimbal:
Installing the gimbal (document) Pdf important to read completely before use!]

2. After above installing the gimbal is ready for use. If you want to install 7th channel (optional) than you can follow underneath instructions.

7th channel installation (optional, only if you want to use 7th channel):
Installing the Phantom Slide Lever Manual – Pdf

Installing the cable selector 7th channel:


Camera is not tilting with 7th channel lever:
> Most common, calibration is not done right. As shown here do a recalibrate (you must start with Red LED and it has to show blue as shown in video).
> Make sure you have connect the Y cable on the right way within the Phantom as shown in manual (on the X2 connector).

Camera is ‘jumping/jittering’:
> Most common: The ribbon flat wires, connected on the back of the Vision camera needed to be moved out of the way. If you keep it too long it will block the moving space of the camera.