3in1 Radiometric 640R Inspire 1


What's included

DJI Inspire 1

including accessories

3in1 radiometric thermal gimbal

with mounting adapters for quick release and mounting


radiometric version, including radiometric storage module (compatible with FLIR tools post-flight processing)

DJI FC350 X3 4K camera (daylight)

installed onto the UAV

FLIR remote control

this controller is used to remotely control the color settings, tilt, palettes, digital zoom, isotherm, delta-t, shutter, start/stop recording, auto hotspot detection etc.

7" thermal LCD

with build in receiver for live thermal streaming video

Connection material

adapters, cables and connecters

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DRONExpert is proudly presenting the Inspire 1 thermal setup with dual camera setup, which allows you to have simultaneously daylight and thermal view. The 3in1 radiometric thermal gimbal with radiometric features is one of the most advanced thermal gimbals at this moment. The package comes complete including DJI Inspire 1, which is ready to fly when you receive it. Do you already have an DJI Phantom 4, Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Matrice 100, Matrice 200 or Matrice 600? Then please check our ‘Do it yourself installation’  packages, for complete package which can be installed on your own UAV.

The thermal setup is provided with an radiometric VUE PRO R 640 version (optional this can also be upgraded to an TAU2 R). The resolution of the 640 is sufficient for applications when small hotspots needs to be detected, or if you need to spot on an far distance (for example power line inspection). If your application don’t require to spot small objects, but medium to large objects (SAR, solar inspection, Firefighting, medium size wildlife detection (Fawns), roof inspection etc.), we recommend to consider the ‘3in1 Radiometric 336R Inspire 1’. The 336 model will be sufficient for these applications.


Radiometric features:
With the radiometric model you are able to store video and radiometric images on an integrated microSD card. This way you can use FLIR TOOLS for afterwards analyzing and generate reports with use of the recorded radiometric images. Radiometric data is stored in Radiometric JPEGs with temperature data embedded in every pixels.


Automatic hotspot detection:

The ‘Automatic hotspot detection’ is an feature developed by DRONExpert Netherlands and only available on the 3in1 Radiometric thermal gimbal.
When scanning the surface you will automatically be notified when an hotspot is detected. This is highlighted on the LCD screen with the measured temperature, but you also get an acoustic alarm on the FLIR touch controller (can be switched off). Threshold settings are fully adjustable with the LCD touch remote, which allows you to select the preferred temperature bandwidth, for example if you are searching for animals you can select different temperature bandwidth then when you are searching for bush fire.


FLIR LCD touch controller:
With the included LCD touch controller you have full (max. 1000 meter) control over the FLIR camera/gimbal. You are able to remotely control the: Tilt, Palettes, Isotherm*, Delta-T*, Relatherm, Color settings, Automatic Hotspot Detection, Start/Stop recording, App mode, Digital zoom and settings.
The control is separately from the DJI RGB camera, so both cameras can be controlled separately. It is designed for use of 1 pilot or 2 pilots. It is also possible to add additional LCD receivers for extra thermal supervision.
* Only with TAU2


Military grade Professional flightcase (airtight and waterproof) with integrated charging system +1499 euro
Tripod with build in charging hub for LCD and controller +369 euro
Handheld (to use thermal gimbal also as handheld) +199 euro
10 meter carbon fibre photo pole (to use thermal gimbal also on photo pole) + 1299

Thermal comparison.

Comparison from thermal camera

Additional information

Product type

Ready to fly


Inspire 1


Radiometric mircoSD




Anti Poaching, Coast guard, ​Industrial inspections, Military, Small Wildlife detection


Below 4kg

Flight time

Between 17 and 20 minutes


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