Mavic FLIR Boson light RTF


What's included

FLIR Boson 320

the FLIR Boson 320 camera is integrated onto the Boson mount

DJI Mavic Pro

including accessories

7" thermal LCD

with build in receiver for live thermal streaming video

Portable flightcase

all parts are nicely packed within this high quality flightcase

FLIR Boson mount

with integrated video transmitter.

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DRONExpert Netherlands proudly presenting the new DJI Mavic FLIR Boson 320 V2.0 setup. The new Boson mount is available in 3 versions:
1. Mavic FLIR Boson light package (3499 euro)
2. Mavic FLIR Boson basic package (4499 euro)
3. Mavic FLIR Boson advanced package  (5499 euro)

The Mavic + FLIR Boson (P-grade) package comes with a 7″ LCD screen with build-in DVR. The FLIR Boson 320 sensor comes in P-grade (professional grade) sensor. In the V2.0 updated Boson mount the optical visual position sensors from the Mavic are not covered (so all sensors of Mavic are active).

The 7″ LCD thermal receiver is also provided with an DVR with an MicroSD slot, which allows you to record the thermal video stream on the receiver side.

Removable mount:
Do you only need the RGB camera for an flight? No problem, you simply can remove the Boson mount within seconds. When you need thermal again you simply can re-install the Boson mount again within seconds.

The Boson mount is very lightweight (+-70 gram including camera), which allows you to have optimal flight time.

Dual screen:
With the setup you will have simultaneously daylight and thermal view. In most applications it is essential to have an combination with the daylight camera. The thermal is perfect for detection and the daylight camera is excellent for recognition.

The Mavic Pro with Boson mount is an excellent setup for hunters and spotting wildlife (f.e. fawns). Due the lightweight of the Boson mount you have an long flight time (longer then 20 minutes with dual camera setup).
The Mavic Setup is very compact, so easily to take along, which makes it an perfect tool for ‘Search and Rescue’.

What’s included:
– DJI Mavic Pro
– DRONExpert Boson mount light
– FLIR Boson 320 (Professional Grade)
– Integrated video transmission (5.8)
– 7″ LCD thermal video receiver with build in DVR
– Carry case

– Upgrade to professional flight case +329 euro
– Upgrade to FLIR Boson 640 (ask for quotation)
– Upgrade to Mavic Platinum
– Other upgrades available in Basic and Advanced version.

Videos (shown professional flightcase in video is optional):


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