Thermal photo pole setup


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DRONExpert is proudly presenting the thermal photo pole setup. This setup is the perfect solution for applications and situations where an drone isn’t eligible.

The photo pole setup comes including:
– 10 meter carbon fibre photo pole (with thermal mount on top)
– FLIR LCD touch control unit (for remote controlling the FLIR camera (tilt, palettes, digital zoom, relatherm, start/stop recording, *automatic hotspot detection and camera settings).
– LCD and FLIR LCD touch control unit holder (mounted below on the photo pole)
– 7″ thermal LCD for thermal video feedback
– Connection material and chargers

Camera options

The thermal photo pole mount is compatible with all VUE PRO (R) and TAU2 R FLIR cameras. In the below price list you can find the prices of the thermal cameras which needs to be added to the photo pole setup.

FLIR camera for photo pole setup Price added
FLIR Vue 336 +€ 1499
FLIR Vue Pro 336 (including storage) +€ 1999
FLIR Vue Pro R 336 (including storage and radiometric) +€ 2999
FLIR Vue 640 +€ 2999
FLIR Vue Pro 640 (including storage) +€ 3499
FLIR Vue Pro R 640 (including storage and radiometric) +€ 4499


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Firefighting, ​Industrial inspections, Roof inspections, ​Security, Solar/Photovoltaic inspection


Non Radiometric, Radiometric


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