DRONExpert Netherlands

Developer and specialist in thermal- and multispectral payloads.

Searching for professional thermal- or multispectral drone applications? 

DRONExpert Netherlands is market leader in the development of drone payloads and delivers globally to (agricultural) industry, NGO’s, governmental organisations, SME and first responders.

DRONExpert Mavic 2 Thermal Gimbal now available

The most complete thermal gimbal of the moment

The DRONExpert Mavic 2 Thermal Gimbal has been specially developed by DRONExpert Netherlands for the Mavic 2 with a FLIR Vue or Tau2 camera. Our knowledge, experience and innovation have resulted in a compact and multifunctional payload for the Mavic 2 with the longest flight time possible.

Radiometric and Automatic Hotspot Detection

Choosing the right thermal camera

Which type of camera for which application?

Searching for a drone setup that fits your activities? Choosing the right camera is very important, since not every camera is suitable for every application.

Innovations, training and production

New developments

Due to strong growth, DRONExpert Netherlands has moved to a larger location in Bentelo. 

Our drone lab is constantly working on new innovations and preparing your order with great care. Our training area offers the possibility for theory training and is very suitable for scenario- and/or practical training.

Do you want a demonstration or do you wish to receive training with your specialistic drone? Please contact us for the possibilities.


Awarded as best Dutch Drone Innovation company 2018

Proud! Robor Electronics/DRONExpert.nl is awarded to be The Netherlands Best Drone Innovation company by the Dutch government in the Drone Challenge 2018 organised by ‘Rijkswaterstaat‘!

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