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DJI Zenmuse H20T SALE

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Natuur drone 2023


De DRONExpert natuurdrone modeljaar 2023 is gebaseerd op de Mavic 3 Thermal. Deze vernieuwde drone heeft een langere vliegtijd en een verbeterde RGB zoom camera.


Dust and IP67 waterproof

SwellPro SplashDrone 4 thermal

The dust and waterproof SplashDrone 4 means you can always fly, even when it rains. Available with many modular attachments and payloads. 

lightweight and practical

Parrot Sequoia Mount

The affordable and efficient NDVI drone with which you can monitor the growth and development of crops

Powerful and compact

Mavic 3 Boson Click'nGo

Do you have a Mavic 3 and would you like to expand it with a high-resolution thermal imaging camera? DRONExpert Nederland has developed the Boson Click'n'Go for the DJI Mavic 3.

Powerful through simplicity

Mavic 2 Boson Click'nGo

Do you already have a Mavic 2 and would you like to expand it with a high-resolution thermal imaging camera?

For the DJI Mavic 2, DRONExpert Nederland has developed the Boson Click'nGo. It can be easily and quickly mounted to your Mavic 2 without having to do any modification to the drone.

The Boson Click'nGo is very light, weighs only 135 grams (complete mount including camera), resulting in a flying time of up to 23 minutes.

Innovations, training and production

New developments

Due to strong growth, DRONExpert Netherlands has moved to a larger location in Bentelo. 

Our drone lab is constantly working on new innovations and preparing your order with great care. Our training area offers the possibility for theory training and is very suitable for scenario- and/or practical training.

Do you want a demonstration or do you wish to receive training with your specialistic drone? Please contact us for the possibilities.