10 Januar 2019

DJI Mavic2 Thermal Pro 640

We are very excited to share a ‘sneak preview’ of the new upcoming thermal release for the DJI Mavic 2:
– FLIR TAU2 336/640 radiometric gimbal for Mavic 2
– VUE PRO R 336/640 radiometric gimbal for Mavic 2
– FLIR Boson 320/640 gimbal for Mavic 2

All with new revolutionary thermal features which can be remotely controlled with the LCD touch control unit (tilt, switch palettes, start/stop recording, Automatic Hotspot Detection, color settings, digital zoom etc.) Example of ‘Automatic Hotspot Detection’, you directly will be alarmed when a hotspot is detected and also see the measured temperature (threshold of the detection is adjustable)

Automatic Hotspot Digital Zoom: In combination with the thermal setup, the digital zoom will automatically zoom into a detected hotspot.  The setup also can be combined with the Flashlight option.

The DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual is also available from our stocks here.

Overview/comparison between the available thermal setups on the Mavic 2:


As seen in the comparison:
> The Mavic 2 DUO is suitable for only spotting large objects (for example size: Pigs, horses etc.)
> The Mavic 2 Boson 320 is suitable for spotting large objects AND also medium size objects (for example size: Fawns, Hare, Human detection etc.)
> The Mavic 2 VUE/TAU2 640 is suitable for spotting large objects AND also medium size objects AND small size objects (for example size: Eggs, birds etc.)






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