DRONExpert thermal search stick

Easy to use, effective results. 

The indispensable tool for the field runner for locating calves and meadow bird nests.

Our thermal imaging drones have been used successfully for several years to detect fawns and meadow birds. In the years 2017 and 2018, more than 500 calves were found with the DRONExpert Netherlands thermal drones.

The thermal imaging drones from DRONExpert are extremely effective for detecting fawns and meadow birds. Nevertheless, it is sometimes quite difficult for the runner to determine the exact location of the detected fawn or meadow bird nest, for example due to the high grass that covers the fawn or nest.

The thermal search stick offers a solution, the exact location of the fawn or meadow bird nest has never been easier thanks to DRONExpert thermal search stick.

Thermal screen

With the thermal screen you have the thermal images of the "search stick", but you can also view the thermal imaging video of the drone in real time.

This makes the thermal search stick an indispensable tool for the runner.

Introductie video (NL):

Introduction video (EN):