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Thermal Solutions

DRONExpert Netherlands offers a range of thermal solutions. We offer a suitable solution for every application. Both "Ready to Fly" and "Do it Yourself" packages are available.

Below you’ll find some of our best-selling thermal drone systems. Are you searching for a complete system? We would be happy to talk with you personally to discuss your requirements and to determine which system is best for your application.

Mavic 2 & 3 Boson Click'nGo model 2022


Do you already have a Mavic 2 and wish to expand with thermal?

DRONExpert Nederland has developed the Boson Click'n'Go for the DJI Mavic 2. It can easily be installed without making any modifications to your drone.

De aanbieding betreft het 2021 DRONExpert Click’nGo mount ‘Light’. Zeer geschikt voor reekalveren.

Het pakket wordt geleverd met: Boson Click’nGo ‘Light’, geïntegreerd video transmissie (5.8Ghz), 7″ thermische LCD ontvanger (live thermische video feedback), FLIR Boson 320, antenne’s, draagkoffer en instructies.


Compact and powerful

Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

De nieuwe Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is het nieuwe compacte paradepaard van DJI. De compacte Mavic 2, voorzien van een krachtigere warmtebeeld camera dan zijn voorganger.

Ready to fly Package


Are you looking for a complete thermal drone? Here you will find the best sold thermal systems that have been carefully compiled by DRONExpert Nederland.