360 manual V2
Note: Phantom 2 users: Make sure you move the compass to a higher place on landing gear and calibrate before flying.

Setting up your gopro (Hero 3(+) black edition):

Step 1 (video above) setting up your gopro/360:
-> Remove Micro SD
-> Go to setting: Check if picture quality is on 12MP Wide
-> Go to Timelapse settings and check if setting is on 0,5sec
-> MOST IMPORTAND: Go to setup -> Default -> and activate Timelapse as default on start-up

After step 1 the GoPro Hero 3(+) black edition must act like this when the included micro SD card is inserted in the gopro and settings are right (if not, you need to check settings from step 1 again, if it still not act like this you need a other script which can be downloaded below this page)

Step 2 (video above) Using your gopro hero 3(+) black edition/360:
-> Put special included Micro SD card in GoPro
-> Make sure battery of GoPro is full
-> Put GoPro in holder of 360. If the gopro goes on, wait till it automatically shuts down (of not shut down after 20 seconds shutdown it manually)
-> Now you are ready to go. Activate remote button.
-> 360 head activates GoPro and makes 60 degree turns. GoPro makes images every 0,5 seconds.
-> As long the 360 is busy the remote will ‘bleep’
-> When finished GoPro shuts down and remote stops ‘bleeping’
Note: First generation 360 head’s turn 2 times. Newer models turn only 1 time!

Swap the 360 panorama head between modes:
-> Red mode (most common setting): For GoPro Hero 3(+) with script. The panorama head will turn 3 rounds and takes 1 image every angle on each panoramic (the 360 panorama head turns every time the LED on the GoPro light up, so the head is ‘looking’ to the LED)
-> Green mode: For GoPro Hero 3(+). In this mode the 360 head will work much slower and takes around 3 images on every angle while making an panorama (in this mode the 360 panorama head does not ‘look’ at the GoPro LED).
-> Orange mode: Use this mode if you are having a GoPro which not working with the script (for example the GoPro 4). Within this mode you will need the ‘GoPro Smart remote also’. Note that you don’t use the GoPro smart remote on a normal Phantom 2 due freq. conflicts (recommended for Vision(+) series).
Within this mode the GoPro panohead only ‘looks’ at the LED. So when you activate timelapse remotely with the ‘GoPro smart remote’ it will automaticly turn every angle when the gopro takes an image.
NOTE: If the camera is in the wrong mode, it might appear that the 360 head does not rotate.

Other video tutorials:
Basics of the image stitching (using PTgui)

Merging the sky in the 360:

Special Script:
On the root of the included Micro SD card you will find a script file (with extension .ash). This script may not be deleted. If so the GoPro will not take automatically images after pressing the remote.
If you by accident formatted the Micro SD card you need to replace this .ash file in the root of the Micro SD card directory, you can download them below, make sure you only have 1 .ash file in the root. Unzip the .ash file before placing in root!
.ash V1 file for GoPro Hero 3 Black edition
.ash V2 (use only if V1 does not work) file for GoPro Hero 3 Black edition
.ash V1 file for GoPro Hero3+ Black edition
.ash V2 (use only if V1 does not work) file for GoPro Hero3+ Black edition