Newer mounting plates now have an different installation in the video above. The new mounting plate can be installed as video below:

FLIR Software:
If you have the FLIR TAU2 you can download the FLIR GUI here: http://www.flir.com/cores/display/?id=51880 (please be careful with adjusting settings).


Other manuals DJI Phantom 4 thermal 3in1:
> Note for sliding on the Phantom 4 sleeve Pdf
> DRONExpert thermal LCD touch controller operation manual video
> DRONExpert thermal controller ‘REC’ button settings for Pro modules Pdf

Additional notes:
> If you have an DJI Phantom 4 provided with VUE PRO (R) including the SD recording module, the payload is quite heavy for the Phantom 4. Make sure when you take-off with the UAV, you put enough throttle on the engines with the DJI Controls.
We recommend gentle flying the Phantom 4, but it is best to use a bit of power when taking off.