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DJI Phantom 2 Vision camera Gimbal €415,- + Aluminium case and 7th channel control



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This brusless Vision gimbal is an highly stabilized 2-axis gimbal, especially suitable for the DJI Vision. With his high precision, high stability and light weight this gimbal ensures you of perfect smooth/stabel pictures. Even when flying fast this gimbal can keep control over the Vision camera with the best quality results. Unlike other gimbals, this gimbal is really easy to install on the DJI Vision. Even after flying with the gimbal you can easely remove the gimbal for use of an other mount (like an 360 panorama mount or RX100 mount etc.). This DJI vision Gimbal uses the camera of the DJI Vision itself.

The Gimbal is designed to easy (dis)assembling it on your Phantom, this makes it easy to change to other mounts or free flights. The second pro is that the centre of gravity will be above the mounting plate, so less tumbling effect then hanging under the phantom (and less Jello). The plate itself has also a little damping.


  • 2-AXIS professional gimbal with high performance
  • Build with high quality motors/components
  • Easy to install 
  • Special manufactured for DJI Phantom 2 Vision
  • Extremely light weight and solid mechanical design (total weight gain 140 gram)
  • Ideal choice for DJI Phantom 2 Vision
  • Best price / high quality ratio
  • Tilt funcion (aim up/downwards)
  • Vision camera can now make a 90 degree turn (and look 85 degree downwards)
  • 7th channel feature included
  • Can still be controlled with ‘app’ but also with 7th channel on DJI controller (you can combine this)
  • Control with ‘app’ stays untouched (all function)



What’s included?:

  • Connectors
  • Gimbal + mount
  • Aluminium case
  • 7th channel components
  • Manual

(camera not included, it uses the Vision camera)


Introduction video:


Combine it with 7th channel:


Phantom 2 Vision Brushless Gimbal fight time (endurance) test and actual flight footage:


What are customers saying after receiving their Vision Gimbal:

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! Not only has your communication throughout the process been impeccable, but the gimbal for the Phantom Vision 2 has exceeded my expectations! This is a professionally built device, that is solid, lightweight (total weight gain 140 gram), and turns the consumer Phantom Vision into a professional grade multicopter.

All the reasons for attaching a Gopro to this quadcopter is now null, because out of the box, with the Dronexpert gimbal, you now have full camera control, telemetry, amazing photos, and steady video all out of the box! The setup was straight forward and once everything was attached, it was plug-n-play for the most part.

Thank you for making this device, and if anyone has any questions for me, they can send me an email!
I wish you and your company the best in the future, and have fun making lots of these gimbals!

Jerry White
professional pilot and 20 year professional television photojournalist.”
Jerry White, | See also video review here

As a newcomer to quadcopters, I was fairly happy with my Phantom 2 Vision camera function until I saw the DRONExpert video showing how much more stable video footage was with their 2-axis brushless gimbal. I had to have it! Product arrived on time. The first thing that impressed me was the quality of the product and its carry case; 1st Class!
Installation was very straightforward, the user guide pictorial instructions make it very easy. A few minor adjustments are required via the Phantom 2 Software on your PC and hey, you’re good to go! Flight time is slightly reduced but only by a couple of minutes and this is more than worth it when you look at the quality of video footage you get from this gimbal! Hovering or flying, it makes no difference to this great piece of kit. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a must for any Phantom Vision user who wants to improve the video footage or photo quality from their unit. Buy one, you won’t regret it. Rob and the team were excellent with e-mail response regarding any questions I had (VAT payment, user guide etc) so really can’t find any fault with this product.

Brad Hobson, UK,

(Danish)”DJI Phantom 2 Vision er nu på et helt andet niveau med den nye gimbal fra er det nu muligt for mig at optage video til professionel brug. en god investering for en der vil have super gode video optagelser. Og til jer hos Dronexpert har det været en fornøjelse at handle hos jer. Information om produktions og leveringsti har gjort det spænnende at vente på produktet. Tak igen
(translation) DJI Phantom 2 Vision is now on a completely different level with the new gimbal from it is now possible for me to record video for professional use. a good investment for someone who wants super video recordings. And to you by Dronexpert it has been a pleasure shopping with you. Information on production and delivery times have made it exciting to wait for the product. “

Andrias Joensen, Faroe Island

(german)hallo community,
heute habe ich endlich das neue gimbal von dronexpert bekommen. nach anleitung wie im youtubefilm beschrieben umgebaut und
dann gerade eben (21 uhr) nochmal geflogen. wir haben hier in der nähe giessens minus 3 grad und alles funktionierte einwandfrei.
das gimbal hält was es verspricht. es ist genau so wie der kopter tadellos gebaut und sehr einfach zu installieren. es erfüllt absolut das , was es soll.
und erst jetzt entspricht der kopter das was ich mir immer unter einer drohne , die filme und fotos macht, vorgestellt habe. dronexpert hat absolut top arbeit geleistet und ich würde mich immer wieder für dieses gimbal entscheiden. auch wenn es fast so klingt, als würde ich werbung für diese firmen (dji und dronexpert) machen, ich bin seit 40 jahren begeisteter
ich kann also beurteilen, welche produkte etwas taugen , oder eben eher nicht. klar ist das gimbal recht teuer, das war der kopter auch schon, aber ich habe mit beiden eine einheit, von der ich vollkommen überzeugt bin, was die verarbeitung betrifft und die handhabung etc. da hat sich jemand wirklich gedanken gemacht bis in kleinste details und ich bin der meinung das beides sein geld wert ist. wir alle haben nun mal ein teures hobby. nun gut jeder muss für sich selbst entscheiden, was er sich anschafft und alles ist ja auch eine frage des geldbeutels.
trotzdem bin ich immer dafür , lieber etwas mehr zu investieren, notfalls warte ich halt länger, bis ich mir das teil leisten kann, dafür habe ich dann fast immer auch top qualität geliefert bekommen.
so das wars fürs erste. wenn fragen oder anregungen, schreiben …..

Klaus Schmitz, Germany

Frequently asked questions:

Is installation easy?
Yes, very easy, no need to solder. For basic gimbal function you don’t need to open the Phantom, only if you want to use the 7th channel you need to open the Phantom). Also there are clear video tutorials included (‘how to’ video) and clear manuals.

What about jello?
This Gimbal is unique because it is mounted on a plate and not hanging under the Phantom. These hanging principles uses the 2 nuts to connect with the Phantom, and there for they need extra dempers to solve the Jello problem. In this case (not hanging) its mounted on a ground plate, which is standing on the landing gear on four points, this is a far better manner to solve vibrations (jello). In the this case the Gimbal can’t oscillate / swing on its hanging point. To make sure all jello is eliminated the plate has small dampers.

Does the iPhone app stil works?
Yes, this stays untouched. All functions on the ‘app’ still works.

What do you mean with 7th channel and where can i use it for?
Now you also can tilt with a separate lever under the DJI Controller.
For example, you have a interesting object to capture, while recording you want the object at the centre of your camera and for nice shots you want to fly around it and use the tilt function, This won’t be possible with only the iPhone app cause you have to remove one hand from control stick to use the iPhone app  (which result in a not-controllable phantom).
With the 7th channel you can fly around an object with both hands on the controls and still ’tilt’ at the same time.

What is the delivery time?
Due to overwhelming interest the delivery time curently is around 4 weeks (leaving our facility).

Does VAT apply to me?
If you are from outside Europe, the invoice will be with 0% VAT. If you are within EU VAT don’t apply to you if you have a VAT number. If you are from within the EU, and don’t have a VAT code, 21% VAT will be added to the price.
Basically said: VAT only applies for customers from within Europe which does not have a VAT code (non-company’s).


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