Mavic Sequoia


What's included

DJI Mavic Pro

including accessories

Professional DJI Mavic Flightcase

professional flight case for the DJI Mavic (optional with build in charging hub for 3 batteries)

Parrot Sequoia NDVI camera

including accessories (pre-installed)

Sequoia mount

Parrot Sequoia mount including new (lightweight) wiring

Connection material

adapters, cables and connecters

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DRONExpert Netherlands is proudly presenting their new ‘Ready-to-Fly’ DJI Mavic parrot sequoia, multispectral camera, NDVI setup.

The mounting is provided with an quickrelease system, which means that the parrot sequoia easily can be removed and re-installed within seconds. All wires are integrated within the mount, power comes from the Mavic.

Fly time:
Fly-times remains around 18 minute (down to 15% battery left).

Mobile system:
The complete system is very compact and mobile and is provided with an professional flight case. Due the small size it easily to take with you.

Calibration target +150 euro

This mount can also be attached to the Mavic Pro Platinum.


Specifications of the Parrot Sequoia can be found here.

Additional information

Product type

Ready to fly


Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Platinum






Below 1kg

Flight time

21 minutes or longer


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