Long Range BT FLIR LCD touch remote controller


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DRONExpert Netherlands is presenting the ‘Long Range BT LCD touch controller’. The LCD touch controller previous was only available in combination with the 3in1 thermal gimbal, but is now also separately available.
The Long Range FLIR LCD touch controller allows you to remotely control your FLIR camera for an range more then 2km (6560 feet). The FLIR touch controller allows you to remotely control the palettes, start/stop recording, set time-lapse, images or video recording, digital zoom, scenes, conditions and settings of the camera.


The Long Range FLIR LCD touch controller is compatible with the following FLIR camera’s:
– FLIR Duo
– FLIR Duo Pro (R)
– FLIR Vue Pro (R)
– FLIR Tau2 (R) with Pro module
– DRONExpert Boson/Tau cores without BT
– Other FLIR cameras with BT


UAV long range Flir camera remote system;
– Longe Range, more than 2km
– For all Flir camera with BlueTooth control
– Also for DRONExpert Boson/Tau cores without BT
– Receiver module with integrated GPS/MAVlink output (optional)
– Replacement for short range BT Flir UAS App
– Easy Quick-release on DJI remote
– Rechargeable integrated battery
– Gimbal control by programmable buttons
– USA 915,6MHZ / EU 869,5Mhz


– Combine the LCD touch remote with an FLIR mount for Phantom 4, Inspire 1, Inspire 2 or Matrice series +300 euro (normal price 1195 euro). More info here.


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